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Ana was born and raised in México until the age of 18. She was an artistic child from colour scheming to painting and drawing.

Ana’s mother, an elementary teacher always encourage Ana to help around the kitchen where she developed an interest for food and a passion for baking at an early stage of her life.


Upon arrival to Montréal Ana’s main goal was to learn English and French. With the divers culinary experience that Montréal has to offer Ana decided to enrolled at Pearson School of Culinary Arts to study cooking, after receiving her diploma and having worked in the kitchen she found her self wanting more, and that is when pastry came into her life and she decided to go back to school.


Ana has worked in prestigious restaurants and hotels not only in Montreal but also in her home town Cancun Mexico. After being the Pastry Chef at a High End Montréal Hotel for 3yrs, Ana was blessed with the coming of her first child. Trying to balance her love and passion for baking and family, Ana decided to create “ANA VELAZQUEZ CAKE DESIGN”

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